Welcome to the official SOLBRA website!

This is the website of the SOLBRA edition V8 Pontiac Solstice. Here you'll find a list of features, as well as comparisons, photos and videos, as well as pricing and contact information. Please bear with us, as the website is still being constructed. If you have any questions, please check the "Contact" page.

We specialize in producing world-class Solstice modifications, and have seen worldwide recognition from top news stations and magazines. The result of our work is an OEM-quality vehicle with every component designed to work together in a way that GM would have built: with OEM air conditioning and gauges standard.

Can you imagine crusing around in a modern, completely unique 500+ horsepower hot rod, while listening to your Sirius satellite radio, kicking on the cruise control, and still having airbags and Onstar? You don't have to spend $100,000+. V8 swaps start at $25,000 plus the cost of the car.